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Invest In A Project

If you're looking for new investment opportunities in real estate development, you've come to the right place!

We take on multiple new development projects each year, and are always happy to share opportunities. Additionally, many of our clients work with investors and we would be happy to make the connection. 

Fill out the info below and we'll connect and pass along any opportunities we can!

(Heyoh is not a financial advisement firm and we do not offer financial advice, investment opportunities are presented and it is up to investors to do their own due diligence with their financial team to determine if they are a good fit.)

Privacy: Heyoh LLC will not share your information with anyone outside of the firm without your consent, any introductions to our clients will happen with your consent.

Heyoh does not publish the names of investors in projects, investors are automatically anonymous, unless otherwise requested.

Structure: At this time, all investments are in the form of new companies, with the investors as members, there will always be an operating agreement associated with the entity, and ownership of the project will be through the single purpose company and not through an individual's name.

Thanks for submitting!

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